Welcome to WETA-Plast

Welcome to WETA-Plast We are a Swedish family business.
WETA-plast is a family business with 5 current employees. It is situated in the Stockholm archipelago and belongs to the municipality of Österåker. The company has two workshops on Ingmarsö – of about 2000 square meters altogether. WETA-plast was founded in Vällingby in 1955 and was moved to Ingmarsö in 1975 by Lars Ljungberg.
Lars and his son Peter have together built WETA-plast as it is today. In the year 2000 Lotta, the daughter-in-law of Lars, took over as CEO. Peter is the current design and production manager, and has been working full time in the company since 1977.
The whole company has passed stage I and II of the competence work of EU Objective 4.

Activity description:
– To offer to the market thermoplastic products made by vacuum forming, consisting mainly of technical goods, based on customer specific designs as well as our own.
– To always find the solution that is most adequate to the needs of the customer and to identify new manufacturing and combination possibilities in the process.
– Strive for adjusting to the demands of the market in order to achieve the best benefit for the customer.

Some of our goals:
* We shall remain a Swedish family business in order to maintain our profile of quality alignment
* We shall limit the number of employees to 15 at the most to achieve the best wellbeing for the staff and optimal quality control
* 50% of our turnover shall come from the manufacturing of system solutions; from sketch to completed product in order to increase our competitiveness in the market
* We shall offer five days’ paid training per employee per year for the purpose to broaden the competence and the quality thinking of our employees
* ISO 9001 – the system is documented and applied, the next step is internal audit
* ISO 14000 will start when ISO 9001has been carried through or at the request of our customers. Although since 1976 we have been actively working with the recycling of all our material.

Quality policy:
– To fulfill the demands and expectations of the customer so that they will come back to us as we strive to exceed the expectations of the customer regarding our level of service.
– To deliver the correct product of the correct quality at the right time and to aim at zero errors in deliveries to the customer.
– To always improve the operation and thereby secure that the Q-policy is being checked with regards to continued suitability.
– The management will make sure that the staff well understands and practices these policies.
– Weta-plast’s goal has long been to have a minimal impact on the environment. We therefore keep the production as clean as possible. For instance, we sort all the leftover plastic carefully according to type so that all of the waste can be recycled.